For Sea Food lovers, Taproban restaurant is an oasis that serves up classic & authentic Sri Lankan dishes using the spices of our heritage, the very reason for the Dutch fort to be placed in Galle by the sea fairing, spice hunting Dutch.

A~ la carte menu includes a wide range of delicacies of mouth watering fresh salads, meat and poultry and last but not least the sea food in the form of the flamed red lobster, grilled prawn kebab, Sea bass on lemon, delicately balanced with aromatic herbs.

All these are accompanied by a classic wine list and stewardess who will help you select, enjoy a glass of bubbly watching the sun do down listening to the sound of the waves breaking on shore. The highlight of all this is the “action night”, an open air beach terrace BBQ with all possible treats of the sea under a starry Unwatuna night, with shimmering lights of ships passing by in the distance, finish all this with a totally wicked desert followed by a unique coffee.

Cast Your Net, Catch Your Treat