Galle, the famous harbour of the ancient silk route and then the colonial days when 700 or more people were supposed to have come on steamships on average every day till Colombo took over as the main port, and a mere stone’s throw away is the world famous Unwatuna beach and is approximately one hour from Colombo on the E 01, or 03 hour journey from the scenic but crowded coastal railway line, replete with lovely palm fringed bay beaches along the way.

The Taproban beach house is located in the hamlet of Unawatuna, close to some of the most impressive beach attractions and “reggae nights” on the island, and offers the double attraction of being next to the beach and restaurants of Unawatuna. Presenting a fascinating insight into the traditions of rural Sri Lanka, where the sound of ritual music is carried on by the sea breeze from the temple on top of the headland, take a stroll down the UNESCO World heritage, the Dutch fort ramparts at dawn or dusk and savour the Dutch Colonial heritage of Sri Lanka and its influences.

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